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Journey Vegas

So, you’ve figured out that you’re kinky. Congratulations! You’ve been to some events; maybe a BDSM orientation or a class at Building Blocks. You’ve made some connections, and have gone to a few leather events in the Vegas area; maybe Sin in the City or Smoke Out. While out exploring the rich experiences that BDSM can offer, you’ve seen some folks perving around in sexy black and white uniforms, but it would take a decoder ring to decipher what’s going on, who these people are and what those all those pins and patches might mean.

You’re intrigued. In a time when kinky is everywhere and BDSM has unprecedented mainstream status, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirl of newness and excitement. Play parties every weekend! How-to classes from fisting to flogging! Oh, yay, another munch! And yet, somehow, when you see those people in the spiffy black and white uniforms you wonder: “Huh. Is there maybe something more?”

The simple answer is yes. There is more. And unlike a lot of mainstream kink, this “more” is not for everyone. This “more” is called The Journey.

The Journey is the 200 level component of a three-stage education system targeted at improving on basic skills, creating deeply bonded community and expanding kinky horizons. We are rooted in traditional leather with a passion for leather history; we are a leather social club steeped in our forebears’ traditions and dedicated to education and the perpetuation of BDSM lifestyles.

This 8-month structured program exposes students to some of the finest, most highly-specialized BDSM educators in the world in a small class environment, providing students with intimate access to incredible knowledge and experience. Because classes are closed with no late admissions, the people you start with are the people you will go through this leather gauntlet with, creating lifetime bonds of camaraderie and perversity. Joining The Journey requires a commitment of 1 full weekend a month (Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday). The Journey is exactly that: an adventure of personal discovery and education bound in leather wrappings. You will be steeped in leather as far more than stuff someone does, but rather who a leatherperson—who YOU-- are.

Our organization has been supporting the Las Vegas leather and BDSM community for over a decade either through classes for various organizations, Smoke Out, Sin in The City and more. The Journey offers educational and personal opportunities for growth to like-minded people and also supports an array of other kinky interests. There is no One True Way to be kinky; we embrace and celebrate diversity while reveling in our own chosen community.

You can follow us on Fetlife at: Journey LV Fetlife

This program is scheduled to run from April of 2023 through October of 2023.

To register for the next Journey class: Click Here to submit your application.

Or email us at JourneyLV@leatherquest.org for more details.