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Las Vegas

Las Vegas currently offers two tiers of education being The Las Vegas Toolbox and The Journey. There are efforts to add the third tier of the program being Leather Quest to the Las Vegas offering but we have not reached the required number of students as of yet. The Vegas ToolBox opened August of 2018. After that we close the class down to allow for the students to bond with each other.
The Vegas ToolBox offers bi-weekly 100 level classes to established students, graduates, and sponsored students. Topics cover a wide variety of basic technical and safety skill development and application with the intention of providing introductory level instruction on developing interest into skill within the boundaries of what is safe, sane, and consensual. We also cover what is considered Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

For more information on The Vegas ToolBoxclick here.

The JourneyThis is a 200 level (intermediate) series of classes,  meeting  every month for six months of content, that builds upon the basics and introduces more advanced topics and theories with the intention of challenging the student to step outside of what they know and broaden their foundations. Some topics covered include communication, working with others (Introductory Group Dynamics), introductory Leather History (to include traditions and values), basic Leather care, planning and organizing events, introductory spiritual studies, discipline, structure, and rites of passage.

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The Journey-Vegasclick here.

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